Koura - Haptic VR Controller

Skaiway koura white


Skaiway koura white bottom


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Physical Prototype

Skaiway sketches


Skaiway kouraprocess


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Sketchfab Model

Design and prototype of a haptic virtual reality controller. Personal project. My aim was to conceptualize a prosumer product that could be brought to market quickly. This is a 2016 project, the VR market has changed since.

The controller would use existing spatial sensor technology, like in the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The haptic feedback is provided by six haptic motors, like those used in the Nintendo Switch Joypads. Vibration can simulate textures and to some extend trick the brain to think there's pressure, which was enough for this idea.

The arc houses a sensor that detects the position and rotation of the finger units. The arc also acts as the position and rotation sensor for the whole controller. The wrist ring houses the battery.

The whole controller can be mirrored for the other hand, thus simplifying the amount of unique parts.

February 12, 2019