Ice Printer Prototype

Skaiway printerrender


Skaiway img 20180702 201309

Assembled and moving.

Skaiway nozzlecollage

Nozzle experiments.

Skaiway pressureregulatorinstalled

Installed pressure regulator and quick lock unit.

Skaiway iceprinterphotocollage

3D printed nozzles.

Skaiway vid 20190512 wa0013 segment 1

Testing movement.

Skaiway vid 20180611 193048 1 segment 1

Experimenting with combining misting and flow with a pressure regulator.

Skaiway vid 20180611 164639 segment 1

Flow works, misting not so much. Should not have tried with one source for both nozzles.

Skaiway vid 20180621 174527 segment 1

Testing a 3D-printed misting nozzle.

I made this for a research project in a month. A printer for printing ice in sub-zero temperatures, to research new ways of building things with ice and snow.

It uses Openbuilds parts for all of the frame and mechanics. There's a Duet 3D WiFi controlling the printer and an external power supply for the motors. The "extruder" is custom, using low temperature hosing and changeable water nozzles.

This was designed to be a research platform, with modularity in mind, so converting this to other types of extrusion printers would not be too difficult. A challenging project which called for more engineering knowhow rather than industrial design, but it worked and made ice in the end.

May 10, 2019